Refund Policy

This Refund Policy, if available (customers should check with Continental Courier Services LLC for details), can be suspended, modified or revoked by Continental Courier Services LLC at its sole discretion without notice to either the Sender or Recipient.

In order to qualify for a refund or credit the following limitations apply:

1. Where Customs or other regulatory clearances are delayed due to inspection or sampling requirements, or due to Sender's errors or omissions in documentation or the processing of a Package is delayed due to CCS compliance with aviation or other security requirements, the Delivery Commitment Time is modified by adding one Business Day for each day (or part thereof) that such clearances are delayed;

2. For invoiced Shipments and for Shipments sent using an automated shipping device, CCS must receive notification in writing of a Service Failure within 15 days from the invoice date. The Sender must furnish with the proof of its payment the invoice number to which the payment applies. If an invoice is not paid in full, the reason for each unpaid charge must be noted with its (Air) Waybill or Package tracking number;

3. For Shipments not invoiced by CCS (whether paid by cash, check, money order, credit card or otherwise) the Sender must notify CCS in writing of a Service Failure within 15 days after the date of Shipment;

4. Notification must include the CCS Account Number, if any, the (Air) Waybill or Package tracking number, the date of shipment and complete and accurate Recipient information;

5. A Service Failure will not be deemed to have occurred if within 30 days after CCS is notified, it furnishes proof either of timely delivery consisting of the date and time of delivery and name of the person who signed for the Shipment, or service exception information reflecting that the failure to timely deliver resulted from any term permitting extension of time for delivery herein or circumstances.

6. Only one refund or credit is permitted per Package. If a Service Failure occurs for any Package within a multiple package Shipment, a refund or credit will be given only for the proportion of the Transportation Charges applicable to that Package;

7. A refund or credit will be given only if complete and accurate Recipient information was provided at the time of shipment. Complete Recipient information must be provided on either the (Air) Waybill or through an automated shipping device

8. A refund or credit will not be given to Shipments delayed due to incorrect or incomplete addresses or to the unavailability or refusal of a person to accept delivery, whether or not the Package is returned to the Sender, or sign for the Package or by reason of any term permitting extension of time for delivery

9. This refund applies only to Transportation Charges and does not apply to duties, taxes or declared value charges or any other Charges and/or loss or damage suffered by either the Sender or the Recipient;

10. A refund or credit will not be given to customers if incorrect Package tracking numbers are applied to the subject Package or Shipment;

11. A Service Failure will not be deemed to have occurred if a "bill to" CCS Account Number was provided at the time of shipment that was not in good credit standing and the Package was held until alternate payment arrangements were secured. For purposes of this provision, "in good credit standing" shall mean that (1) payment on the CCS Account is current, (2) the CCS Account is not in "cash only" status, and (3) for commercial or business CCS Accounts, the balance does not exceed the credit limit established by CCS.

12. This refund does not apply to undeliverable or returned Shipments or any Shipment containing dangerous goods or dry ice;

13. This refund does not apply to delays in delivery caused by adherence to CCS policies regarding the payment of duties and taxes prior to customs clearance or at delivery;

14. Credits for Transportation Charges will be applied to the payer’s account only and refunds will be made payable to the payer only;

15. A credit or refund under this policy will be applied only against the Transportation Charges for the Shipment giving rise to the credit;

16. An exact Delivery Commitment Time can be obtained only by contacting Customer Service and supplying the following information:
a). Commodity being shipped;
b). Date of the shipment;
c). Exact destination;
d). Weight of the Shipment;
e). Value of the Shipment;

Any transit time published in the or elsewhere or quoted by Customer Service without the above five required facts, is only an estimate and is not a stated Delivery Commitment Time. CCS records regarding quoted delivery times will constitute conclusive proof of any such quotes;

1. This refund for Shipments destined for our extended service areas applies only to the portion of the transportation provide directly by CCS

2. Holidays at the pick up location and/or at the destination location will affect transit times. Deliveries normally scheduled to be made on the day of holiday observance will be rescheduled for delivery on the next Business Day. The Delivery Commitment Time will be extended for a period equal to the length of the holiday;

3. The quoted Delivery Commitment Time may be changed for many reasons including without limitation the following: flight delays or cancellations due to air traffic control, weather or mechanical problems. If the Delivery Commitment Time is changed the refund will only be applicable to the latest quoted Delivery Commitment Time.

4. This refund does not apply to all Shipments, in particular B2C Shipments, in respect of which the Recipient has provided CCS with specific delivery instruction.

5. Refund will be done only through the original mode of payment.

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