Continental Courier Services E-Notify is a web-based solution for priority services. To enable this service, customers need to mention the shipment numbers along with their email details for the types of notification they might prefer: Delivery, Exception, etc. Customers are notified automatically about the latest status of their consignments, whether they are delivered, held up, not delivered or Return to Origin (RTO)ed (based on customer’s choice).

Continental Courier Services Corporate Tracker is a web-based tracking solution which is available only for corporate customers who provide bulk load in regular basis. Secure Login and password are provided to customers to access the Continental Courier Services Customer portal for tracking their load status either for an individual consignment or for a specific period. Other than internet connectivity no other software installation is required to access the website.

Continental Courier Services Bulk Tracker is a special tracking solution for Corporate Customers and Continental Courier Services Channel Partners, which makes tracking completely hassle-free for customers. Customers need to send the list of their shipment numbers (maximum of 500 Consignment Note [C/N] ) in a single column in Excel file and upload it on the Continental Courier Services Customer portal. Customers will then receive email notifications about the latest status of their consignments, listed in the file.

Continental Courier Services E-Tracker is a unique Tracking solution mainly for the customer who does not want to open the browser and track the consignment explicitly from the Portal. It is a desktop-based application that the customers need to install on his local system. (Not required)To get the latest consignment status, all the customers have to do is to go online and point their computer mouse just on top of the application icon on their desktops. A tiny online window will display the shipment status for all their deliveries.

Continental Courier Services Tech-Mailer is a customized desktop-based complete booking, printing and forwarding solution. This solution helps the customer to book and print a huge number of shipments in a short time in the customers’ premises. This application needs the installation of the relevant software in a standalone desktop that has internet connectivity to synchronize the system data with Continental Courier Services server. After the basic setup, this application runs even in an offline mode. It helps the user to print consignment stickers in different print formats on different printers.

Continental Courier Services MailRoom is a total mailroom solution which is capable of supporting small, medium and large corporate mailrooms. It is a client-based network enabled application. Customers need to install and configure this solution as per their requirements. It supports both inbound and outbound operations seamlessly.

Continental Courier Services Webshipping is a complete online booking solution for the registered customer. Customers can send their consignments to both domestic and international locations from his premises without any problems. It is a complete BOOK+PRINT+PAY solution. Customers can pay the delivery amounts through Credit Card.

Continental Courier Services E-Courier is a mail solution for customers. Customers need to send the mail to umang@ccs-uae.com with recipient’s address. Continental Courier Services will print the email and mail to the receiver’s address.

Continental Courier Services Web Pickup is a total online pickup solution for the customer. Customers need to submit pickup requests through the Continental Courier Services web portal. On successful submission, the requests will be forwarded to the designated pickup office. Continental Courier Services executives will pick up the shipment from customer’s premises within a stipulated time.

This is Continental Courier Services’s Green-Initiative. Corporate customers and Channel partners need to login to the customer’s portal and view their current and old invoices at any point of time. Authorized customers can also download their invoices and print if required. as per their requirement.

Continental Courier Services E-Compliance is a web-based complain forum for the corporate customers and channel partners. Without any special application installed to run this, customers can register their service complaints on the portal. Complaints are tracked with unique complaint numbers and details are available with complete communication history. Customers can also view the support matrix with agewise analysis.

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